Pierre McGuire (R) got very descriptive of Jeff O'Neill (L)'s anatomy.

NBC hockey analyst Pierre McGuire has been often accused of being a little awkward and creepy, and boy, did he ever take that to a new level Saturday. McGuire appeared on TSN’s Free Agent Frenzy show, and host James Duthie asked the panelists which of their fellow panelists should be in the next ESPN The Magazine Body Issue (presumably motivated by the San Jose Sharks’ Brent Burns and Joe Thornton appearing in this year’s edition, nude but with strategically-placed hockey sticks). McGuire picked fellow panelist (and former NHLer and current TSN radio host) Jeff O’Neill (seen on his left above), but did so in an extremely creepy way:

Duthie says “If the last question was that there were all good answers, this question, I don’t know that’s there any good one. But Pierre, you can pick one.” McGuire says “I’m going with my comrade Jeff O’Neill, and the biggest reason why is there’s so much to see. They couldn’t find a hockey stick big enough to protect the girth. So I think it would be awesome.” Everyone else goes “Wow…” and Duthie says “It got a little personal there…”

Amazingly, this isn’t even the first time McGuire has referenced colleagues’ anatomy on-air. See this 2011 clip of him telling TSN’s Darren Dutchyshen “You’re an announcer with a long stick from time to time…”:

Most of the time, McGuire’s comments are double entendres. This one’s pretty much just a single entendre, and a pretty explicit one. And did he really have to use “girth”? In any case, this segment is a sure-fire lock for The Pierre McGuire Hall of Fame.

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