Paul Bissonnette Via NHL on TNT

The Edmonton Oilers have looked pretty rough in the Western Conference Finals so far. Now, Paul Bissonnette has joined them in that regard.

The former NHL player and current TNT analyst and Barstool Sports podcaster made good on a bet he made back in November with fellow “Spittin’ Chiclets” podcast host Ryan Whitney over which Alberta-based NHL franchise would go further in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

As the wager stood, if the Calgary Flames went further, Whitney would pierce his ear and wear a “Barry Bonds” cross earring for a month. If Edmonton went further, Bissonnette would have to get a “Peter Mansbiz” haircut, which entails shaving the top of one’s head but leaving the sides.

As fate would have it, the Oilers and Flames met in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs with Edmonton advancing. The Oilers themselves made sure that there was no getting out of this one for Paul.

And so, during Game 3 of the Western Conference Final, Bissonnette received his haircut, courtesy of Whitney.

And the final product was on display later that evening during TNT’s broadcast, though it looks like it got cleaned up a bit as the night went on.

Down 3-0, it’s pretty unlikely that the Oilers will be able to make it out of the WCF but perhaps that’s for the best for Bissonnette. Little chance of any further humbling losses on multiple fronts.

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