P.K. Subban

Let’s just say the P.K. Subban experience on ESPN has not gotten off to a smooth start.

Between injecting unnecessary body-shaming into his commentary and his antics on Thursday night, it has been more of an awkward transition from the ice to the studio as ESPN would’ve hoped. At least it seems like it’s awkward for his co-workers.

After retiring back in September of last year, the 33-year-old signed a multi-year contract with The Worldwide Leader, joining their NHL coverage. Subban has been a main fixture on ESPN’s coverage of the Stanley Cup Playoffs along with host Steve Levy and analysts Mark Messier and Chris Chelios.

During the overtime intermission report of Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals between the Las Vegas Golden Knights and Dallas Stars, Subban was spinning around in his chair. Chelios and Messier, a generation older than Subban, exchanged puzzled glances at one another, seemingly with the impression that it was take your child to work day and he was annoying one of his parent’s colleagues.

“Dude, this chair’s unbelievable,” Subban said.

While Steve Levy could only manage to laugh at Subban, who was spinning around in circles, Messier and Chelios both looked at each other and the expressions on their face seemed to say, ‘Can you believe this guy?’ Viewers noticed the dynamic between the trio.

Neither said a word, but sometimes actions speak louder. Messier threw up his hands and all Chelios could do was shake his head and smirk.

Messier and Chelios played in different eras than Subban and are both nearly 30 years his senior. So, both of them are old enough to be his father. The age difference certainly speaks for itself and even with that, Messier and Chelios look like they have no idea what to make of Subban at this point.

We’ll have to see how they make it through the remainder of the playoffs. But if ESPN is going for an Inside the NBA vibe with jokes and hijinks, they probably need to make sure everybody is on board.

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