Terry Crisp has had a hell of a life in hockey.

Having won two Stanley Cup titles as a player and one as a head coach of the Calgary Flames, Crisp has spent the last few decades working on Nashville Predators broadcasts. According to an announcement delivered via the team and Bally Sports South, though, this season will be Crisp’s last on the air.

Via NHL.com:

Crisp and his wife Sheila announced his retirement during today’s (October 30) New York Islanders vs. Predators game on Bally Sports South, as part of a special matinee edition of Saturday Night in Smashville.

“It was not a hard decision for us because it has been such a great trip,” said Crisp. “We’ve had so much in our hockey life and coming to Nashville was one of the best decisions we ever made. We were able to start with a new franchise and watch it grow, all while having a lot of fun in a wonderful city. Having one last season to enjoy with this young group is as good a way to finish as Sheila and I could ask for.”

Crisp covered the Predators for the last 23 seasons, starting with the team’s expansion season in 1998. He served as in-game analyst for 16 seasons with former TV play-by-play announcer Pete Weber before shifting to Predators LIVE pre- and postgame shows as a studio analyst for the last seven seasons with host Lyndsay Rowley. He was also a member of the Predators’ Emmy-winning broadcasts in 2003, 2008 and 2010.

It’s wild that Crisp has been there from the literal start of the franchise. It’s hard to argue that Crisp owes anything more to hockey, but he’ll certainly be missed by viewers and colleagues.

“Terry Crisp is one of the most beloved and iconic figures in professional hockey,” said Jeff Genthner, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Bally Sports South. “He’s a three-time Stanley Cup champion and his big personality and connection with fans is like no other. We all have been blessed to have Crispy on our telecasts since the team’s inaugural season.”

Crisp is actually in the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame, strictly from his time broadcasting for Nashville.

Enjoy retirement, Crispy. You’ve certainly earned it.

[NHL/image via Predators]

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