John Garrett announces he's leaving the Canucks' analyst role he held for 20 seasons. John Garrett announces he’s leaving the Canucks’ analyst role he held for 20 seasons. (Sportsnet on Twitter.)

The long-time TV color analyst for the Vancouver Canucks is moving away from that role. That would be veteran hockey broadcaster John Garrett, who’s been broadcasting NHL games in general since 1986, and has been the primary TV analyst on the Canucks’ Sportsnet Pacific regional broadcasts since the 2002-03 season. As Garrett announced on the broadcast of the Canucks’ win over the San Jose Sharks Thursday night, he’ll continue to contribute to some Sportsnet properties, but this soon-ending season (the Canucks’ last regular-season game is April 13) will be his last as the primary game analyst.

“Since 2002, I’ve had the privilege and honor to be the analyst on the regional Sportsnet Canucks’ broadcasts. This season will be my final time filling that role, even though I will appear on some other Sportsnet properties. If you’ve been watching and listening for all these years, you know how much I have enjoyed my experience and the time doing this job. And a lot of the reason the great people I work with. The Sportsnet Pacific crew doesn’t have an equal in the business. No matter what the situation, no matter what the time of day or night, they make you feel like you’re in the building.”

“I’d like to thank [play-by-play voice] John Shorthouse, [reporter] Dan Murphy, and our producer, Greg Shannon. Your camaraderie and friendship will never be forgotten, and we will be lifelong friends. But most of all, I’d like to thank the fans, whose unwavering support has lasted for these 20 years and beyond. Your enthusiasm and passion for the game, and for this team, will never be forgotten. We are all Canucks. Thanks.”

That’s a nice farewell from Garrett. And it’s notable that he’ll be continuing his broadcasting career in some fashion. Garrett started broadcasting in 1986 following a 1971-1985 playing career as a WHA and NHL goalie, working nationally for CBC and locally for the Edmonton Oilers at first. He left CBC for the then-CTV Sportsnet in 1998, working on Calgary Flames’ broadcasts and national broadcasts at first, and has stuck with that company since, switching to the Canucks’ TV role in 2002. And he made a massive impact on many Canucks’ fans and on media colleagues, as can be seen in some of the tributes that have been posted to him:

Garrett always brought insight, analysis, and a sense of humor to his role. And he had some good lines:

Garrett also drew a lot of attention over the years for his love of ketchup, and many brought that up:

We wish Garrett all the best in his new role. Hopefully there will be plenty of ketchup ahead for him.

[Sportsnet on Twitter]

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