The Carolina Hurricanes announced today that Tripp Tracy will be taking a leave of absence to focus on his health. He’ll be replaced by Shane Willis.

The statement, from Carolina executive Don Waddell:

“Tripp is going to take some time away from the team and the broadcast to address a personal matter. We are in full support of his efforts to get healthy and ask that everyone please respect his privacy in this matter.”

Tracy, the team’s analyst on Bally Sports South, tweeted an apology this morning for tweets he posted and deleted last night ahead of the team’s 4-3 division-clinching win over the Rangers. Tracy wasn’t on that game.

Those deleted tweets are still available thanks to screenshots, and reading them it’s obvious why many fans were concerned last night, and why the team made the move today.

Hopefully Tracy can get the help he needs in a supportive environment, which from the outside looks to be the case based on today’s statements. His replacement, Shane Willis, already works pregame and postgame coverage for Bally Sports South.

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