Erika Wachter Credit: Erika Wachter’s contract with MSG Networks is not being renewed.

Erika Wachter’s six-year stint as on-air host for the New Jersey Devils is coming to an end.

The Emmy Award-nominated co-host announced on social media that MSG Networks is not renewing her contract for the 2024-25 NHL season.

“Next season, I will not be returning as host for the New Jersey Devils on the MSG Networks broadcast,” Wachter posted. “MSG has decided not to renew my contract and instead will be moving in a different direction. So, after six seasons, that is sadly it for me, covering this team that we all love so much. It’s been an absolute joy and a true privilege to be able to be on your screens night in and night out covering this team. I have been able to meet and cover and get to know so many incredible players and different people within the New Jersey Devils organization.

“I have learned so much about myself over the six years on this job, I have so much more confidence in myself and what I do for a living, and of course, my love for the sport of hockey has grown …While this news has definitely been disappointing and hard to take, I know that I have to just see the bigger picture and remain optimistic that everything truly does work out.”

Wachter, who previously worked as a sports reporter and host for Fox 5 in New York, has been popular with Devils fans, and her announcement sparked complaints on social media. One fan launched a petition, noting, “Simply put, Devils fans believe this is a mistake. Erika is a phenomenal part of the broadcast team and Devils fans have all accepted her into our fanbase as an integral member. We are calling on the network to reverse this decision and bring Erika back.”

The petition had more than 3,000 signatures as of early Sunday.

Wachter thanked fans for showing their love for her.

“Wow. I just want to say I am simply blown away by the amount of love that you all have shown me following my contract news,” she posted on X.

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