Colorado Avalanche broadcaster Marc Moser has epic seagull rant A seagull empties a Taco Bell bag from the trash can and scatters its content into the snow at Silverdale Waterfront Park on Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2022. Gallery Only Extra Snow 05

Anyone who has ever tried to enjoy a meal outdoors near the sea knows how much of a nuisance seagulls can be as they flock in large groups and make aggressive attempts at stealing food.

And after recently losing his Sausage McMuffin to a seagull, Denver sports radio host and Colorado Avalanche television play-by-play voice Marc Moser appears ready to wage war on the bird. Prior to Colorado’s home game against the Washington Capitals this week, Moser was caught on a hot mic epically ranting against the species, demanding to know where they live.

“Dude, that seagull, oh my god. Dirty bastard,” Moser said with a sigh before his outrage took over. “I don’t even know like, the seagulls that live at the dump here in Colorado, like where do they live?! Where’s their house?!”

Someone else in the booth, who was off-mic, attempted to change the subject, but Moser demanded answers. “First, I want to know where the f*ck seagulls live! They don’t live in a nest, they have webbed feet!”

During a road trip to Vancouver last week, Moser tweeted that he was on his way to the arena when a seagull swooped down and snatched his McMuffin. Upon returning to Denver from that road trip, Moser was welcomed to the booth by a stuffed seagull that Altitude TV hung from the ceiling.

Being taunted by the stuffed seagull prompted Moser to have flashbacks from the moment he lost his McMuffin, setting him off on his rant. The hot mic moment appeared to only be heard by those who were streaming the broadcast. Altitude TV’s linear broadcast was in a commercial break at the time and Moser, unaware that the stream was still live, assumed he was safe to air his grievances.

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