A Christian Fauria report on Zdeno Chara was wrong.

Remember earlier this week when Christian Fauria, a former NFL player turned Boston sports radio host on WEEI, said on-air that Boston Bruins’ defenseman Zdeno Chara had a broken jaw and was “done-ski” for the series (something that met with immediate skepticism from co-host Lou Merloni)? Remember how that led to coworker Alex Reimer penning a “Refusal to credit Christian Fauria for Zdeno Chara news is institutional arrogance in its worst form” piece, thanks to other outlets not immediately running with a story on that just based on Fauria’s report, and to other outlets not giving Fauria credit after hockey media members confirmed that? (We maintain that if it’s about just the information and not the source, @FredTheDog04 deserves the credit.) Well, Thursday provided a great example of Fauria’s “insider” reports not being 100 percent accurate.

On Tuesday, Fauria said Chara was “done-ski.” On Wednesday, Fauria said it was “confirmed” that Boston defenseman Matt Grzelcyk would play. But when Thursday’s Game 5 rolled around, Grzelcyk wasn’t playing. And Chara was.

Remember, kids, always get your hockey news from WEEI and Christian Fauria. And if you don’t credit whatever report he comes out with, that’s just “institutional arrogance,” not the proper amount of skepticism for a local radio host who’s proven to be dramatically wrong.

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