Musician Charlie McCoy and Bruins' defenseman Charlie McAvoy.

Twitter typos happen to everyone, including us. But one from Sports Illustrated‘s NHL account Tuesday was particularly funny, as it mixed up Boston Bruins’ defenseman Charlie McAvoy with Grammy Award-winning musician Charlie McCoy. Here’s a screengrab of that tweet (which was still up 36 minutes later).


SI's Charlie McCoy tweet.

Charlie McAvoy and Charlie McCoy are very different. The Bruins’ defenseman was born in Long Beach, New York in December 1997, making him just 21, and he’s in his third NHL season. The musician was born in Oak Hill, West Virginia in 1941, making him 78, and he’s recorded 37 studio albums of his own, plus played on recordings from the likes of Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Chet Atkins, Waylon Jennings and Loretta Lynn. He’s played everything from guitar to drums to harmonica, and won a Grammy for Best Country Instrumental Performance in 1973. Meanwhile, McAvoy doesn’t have any Grammys, but he did win international gold with the U.S. team at the U-17 (2014), U-18 (2015) and U-20 (2017) levels. But unfortunately for the Bruins, it’s him suspended, not the musician.

[SI NHL on Twitter]

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