Roman Polak's injury drew criticized commentary from Jack Edwards.

During last night’s Bruins-Stars game, NESN announce Jack Edwards said that an injury suffered by Roman Polak of the Stars was “bad hockey karma”.

Here’s the clip.

Polak tries to lay a hit on Chris Wagner of the Bruins, misses, and slams headfirst into the boards. Analyst Andy Brickley claimed that the injury “looked self-induced” (which…doesn’t seem inaccurate to me), and Edwards then called it “bad hockey karma”. That doesn’t seem great!

Polak was eventually stretchered off the ice, and comments from Stars coach Jim Montgomery after the game were positive, with him saying “we’re hopeful he may be a player in a couple days” and confirming he had full use of his extremities at the hospital.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, Polak’s agent Allan Walsh lost his shit on Edwards for his comment during the broadcast, calling him (and I love that I get to directly quote this) “truly a piece of shit and an absolute disgrace”.

Edwards is mostly known for his vociferous enthusiasm and pro-Bruins attitude in the booth, and immediately speaking out against Polak after what would end up being a serious injury wasn’t a good look and necessitates at least some kind of apology. We’ll see if there’s any response from him or NESN a day later, but there was nothing from either party well into Friday afternoon. Most of NESN’s Friday on Twitter was spent being snarky to people who dislike their awful new logo.


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