The NFL Draft has reached a whole new level of absurdity this year.

Deemed unworthy of even being televised 40 years ago, this year’s event will be hosted in the 100,000-person monstrosity that is AT&T Stadium, broadcast in prime time on not one, not two but FOUR separate TV channels and span as many days.

As such, we had to up our annual NFL draft drinking game to match the magnitude of the 2018 NFL Draft.

For old time’s sake, the drinking game is based off ESPN’s broadcast instead of the NFL Network’s broadcast being simulcast on FOX or the ESPN2 College GameDay broadcast.

* This game is for comedic purposes. If you play it with alcohol, don’t be a moron: Know your limit and never, ever, ever drink & drive.

Sip every time Mel Kiper says:

  1. “Upside”
  2. “Raw”
  3. “Productivity”
  4. “Versatility”
  5. “Intangibles”
  6. “High motor”
  7. “Character issues”
  8. “Stiff hips”
  9. “Road grader”
  10. “Workout warrior”
  11. “Football IQ”
  12. “Small hands”
  13. “Long arms”
  14. “High ceiling”
  15. “Boom or bust”
  16. “Need vs. value”
  17. “Best player available”
  18. “Plug & play starter”
  19. “Can make all the throws”
  20. “You look at a kid…”

Drink 1 every time Kirk Herbstreit says:

  1. “Physicality”
  2. “Swagger”
  3. “Poise”
  4. “Moxie”
  5. “Tempo”
  6. “Pocket passer”
  7. “Blue collar”
  8. “Plays in space”
  9. “Chip on his shoulder”
  10. “In ALL of college football”

Drink 2 every time Trey Wingo says:

  1. “On the clock”
  2. “The pick is in”
  3. “Here’s the commissioner…”
  4. “National Football League”
  5. “Jerry World”

Drink 3 every time Louis Riddick says:

  1. “Organic”
  2. “Red flag”
  3. “Job interview”
  4. “Team building”
  5. “Quite honestly…”

Drink 4 every time the following QBs are compared:

  1. Baker Mayfield & Johnny Manziel
  2. Josh Allen & Carson Wentz
  3. Sam Darnold & Andrew Luck
  4. Josh Rosen & Jay Cutler
  5. Lamar Jackson & Michael Vick

Chug every time:

  1. Adam Schefter takes a phone call on national TV
  2. Trey Wingo talks about the size of AT&T Stadium’s Jumbotron
  3. A white player is noted as being “sneaky athletic” or having “deceptive speed”
  4. The names “Brett Favre” or “Tim Tebow” are mentioned
  5. Mel Kiper is reminded he said he’d retire in 2018 if Jimmy Clausen wasn’t a successful NFL QB

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