terry bradshaw

Fox Sports’ Charissa Thompson came out of a TV hit Sunday and wandered right into a half-naked Terry Bradshaw in the Fox studios.

In videos reportedly first posted to Thompson’s Instagram but now alive through TMZ, the 68-year-old Bradshaw poses in a blazer without an undershirt, lets various people pet his hairy chest and eventually takes off his shirt altogether.

Let’s take a second to recognize how profoundly weird this series of clips is. Why isn’t Bradshaw wearing a shirt? Why are Thompson and others so amazed and enthralled with an old man’s chest hair? And why does anyone think “Furr-agamo” is funny?

In about 99 percent of cases, taking off your clothes in the world place is not appropriate, but it appears that this time the only person offended was Howie Long, who implored Bradshaw and company to halt the photo shoot. Let’s just say we’re with Howie.

We’ll file this under, “Things we never needed to see.”

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