Tuesday marked the fourth anniversary of Mark Sanchez’s infamous butt fumble¬†against the Patriots, and with New England set to play the Jets again this weekend, one truly courageous reporter asked Bill Belichick the question on no one’s mind: “Have you found any excuse this week to analyze film of the butt fumble.”

To say Belichick was not amused would be like saying Michael Corleone was not amused that Fredo was selling his secrets on the side.

Here’s how the world’s most reticent football coach responded to the world’s most asinine football question:

In case you didn’t catch that, given that Belichick basically mumbled it through a closed mouth, the response was, “I don’t think we’ll get to that. Great question, though. That’s awesome.”

It’s sort of a miracle that the still-unidentified reporter wasn’t immediately escorted out of the press conference by armed security. Still, that could be his last press conference in Foxborough.

You’ve got to kind of respect the reporter a little, though. If Belichick won’t even give good answers to reasonable questions, why not ask him something ridiculous?

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