The Washington Redskins have long been cited as a franchise that doesn’t appear to understand what year it is, and owner Dan Snyder appeared to play into that Thursday. At a press conference to introduce new head coach Ron Rivera, Snyder opened up with “Good afternoon. First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to everybody.”

This was on Jan. 2, 35 days after Thanksgiving 2019 and 329 days to Thanksgiving 2020. Amazingly, though, none of the reporters in the room appear to have had much of a reaction, and Snyder just rolled right into “Today is the beginning of a great new year for the Redskins’ organization and its fans.”

So at least Snyder got the holiday right on the second try? (Unless there’s some sort of weird in-joke here and the Thanksgiving line was intentional.) At any rate, this isn’t going to be remembered in the ranks of great holiday press conferences. If Snyder wants to talk about Thanksgiving, he should take some lessons from Les Miles.

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