With the end of his 20th season broadcasting with Fox finishing up, is Troy Aikman still thinking about working in an NFL front office and eventually becoming a general manager someday?

Approximately a year ago, the Hall of Fame quarterback told NFL.com’s Nick Shook that following his former Fox colleague John Lynch from the broadcast booth to a front office and running a team appeals to him.

“I’ve said many, many times, I still believe there’s another frontier for me — maybe there’s not — but I believe that there is, and I think that might very well be it. It’s something that I think would be very challenging. I’d be giving up a lot to leave the job that I have to take on a role like that. It’s an all-consuming job and I certainly recognize that, but I think the challenge would make it worthwhile.”

Aikman acknowledged that being a father and getting older could keep him from pursuing any opportunities. Yet with his youngest daughter ready to graduate and move on to college, family considerations won’t be what they once were.

On his new podcast, Cowherd asked Aikman if being an NFL general manager is still an aspiration of his:

“I do think that, 20 years from now, if I look back on my life and if I don’t do it, I think I will say, ‘Man, I wish I’d given that a shot,’ Aikman told Cowherd. “Or ‘I wonder if I’d have been any good at that.’ First of all, I think I’d be really good if I did it. I’ve never gotten into anything not expecting to be successful.”

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Yet Aikman knows leaving broadcasting to work for an NFL team would create a major life change for him. Would the satisfaction of directly building a roster be worth the upheaval in what’s become a very comfortable existence? That’s the sort of question that many people consider when changing jobs and leaving a lucrative occupation isn’t even a consideration.

But if Aikman is going to follow through on such ambitions, he may be reaching the time to make a decision. After 20 years with Fox, maybe he’s itching to make a change and as he said, he’s not getting any younger. Will possible regret provide the motivation to make a jump?

Cowherd’s entire conversation with Aikman is worth a listen. Other topics include how his broadcasting work has changed over the past 20 years. (Remember, Aikman worked in a three-man booth until Cris Collinsworth went to NBC.) And what did he think about NFL.com’s Michael Silver writing that Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay used him as a mouthpiece to rip Jared Goff?

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