New York Jets fake punt against Miami Dolphins Photo credit: CBS

The New York Jets quickly had their fake punt plan foiled against the Dolphins when everyone in Miami saw it coming. That included Tony Romo.

The lure of Romo as an analyst has wavered in recent years, as his once-infectious enthusiasm and impressive ability to predict plays before they happen seemingly ran dry at times. But during the Jets-Dolphins broadcast on CBS Sunday afternoon, Romostradamus was back.

Desperate for a win to keep their season alive, the Jets were ready to figure out any way to get points on the board. Unfortunately, nothing worked in their 30-0 loss to Miami, including their fake punt attempt in the first quarter. With the Jets lined up to punt the ball away while trailing by a touchdown, not only did Romo sniff out the play, but he foresaw the outcome too.

“Gotta be prepared for fakes today,” Romo told his CBS broadcast partner Jim Nantz. “Maybe not on this one, but today against this team.”

Against Romo’s advice, the Jets tried it on this one, snapping the ball directly safety Ashtyn Davis, tasking him with picking up the four yards needed to a first down. The trickery failed miserably as Davis was stopped immediately.

“The problem is the Dolphins, when they aligned there, I said, ‘Not right here,’” Nantz explained. “You see the two backers inside, they were standing up, they weren’t all on the line of scrimmage and that told me right there, ‘Don’t run it on this one, just wait until they align differently on the next one.’”

Romo noticed Miami’s linebackers were standing, ready for a possible fake, but the Jets didn’t. And it was those very linebackers who closed in on the play, stopping Davis before he could even get to the line of scrimmage.

After previously being crowned as the NFL’s next great analyst, Romo’s broadcasting style has endured a lot of criticism in recent season, with some even questioning whether he prepares enough for games. This Sunday, however, with their season on the line, Romo appeared much more prepared than the Jets.


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