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Contrary to what Eli Manning and Peyton Manning said on Monday Night Football, NFL agent Sean Stellato insists he was never given the nickname, “slimy.”

With New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito enjoying a rapid rise to stardom, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Jeremy Lin captured the city, his agent subsequently rose to prominence this week on Monday Night Football. Wearing an all-black pinstripe suit, with a gold chain, fedora and a white pocket square, Stellato caught the attention of Peyton and Eli Manning on their Monday Night Football alternacast, garnering the nickname, “slimy.”

The nickname might seem unfavorable, but Eli insisted he didn’t make it up, claiming it was given to the 45-year-old sports agent when he was in college.

“Sean ‘Slimy’ Stellato,” the former Giants quarterback said. “I got some inside intel from some of my boys, that was the nickname in college. Slimy. Thank you for that information. Great research.”

One problem, Stellato called into WFAN’s morning radio show hosted by Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti and quickly squashed Manning’s intel. This is why doing your own research isn’t always that simple.

“I don’t know if that’s just him being a southern dude,” Stellato told WFAN after learning about the nickname the Manning brothers gave him. “But I don’t understand where slimy comes from.”

“I’m very curious, I’m not judgmental,” Stellato continued. “So until he has a conversation with me – I met Peyton [Manning] at the Pro Bowl in the hotel when my long snapper Andrew DePaola was a Pro Bowler. I don’t know where that came in. But if Peyton wants to challenge me to a 40-yard dash or something, I’d be more than happy to do that.”

Stellato wasn’t overly upset by the nickname, more so confused and ready to cash in if either of the former Super Bowl MVPs were ready to take him up on his offer of a 40-yard dash challenge. But the longtime agent didn’t seem to want the new nickname to catch on, reiterating that he’s proud of his Italian-American heritage and takes pride in maintaining strong relationships with every NFL team.

“Never heard that nickname in my life,” Stellato insisted. “That ‘slimy,’ that word has never entered my head, ever.”

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