randy moss-tom brady

A decade ago (has it really been that long?), Tom Brady and Randy Moss teamed up to form arguably the most unstoppable quarterback-receiver duo in NFL history. It’s easy to forget, given the Super Bowl and all, but in 2007 Moss caught 23 touchdown passes, shattering the NFL single-season record, while Brady set a new mark for passing touchdowns with 50 as the Patriots stormed through the regular season. For a minute there, the two future Hall of Famers seemed to have broken the NFL.

Well, the pair reunited Monday night, with Brady still quarterbacking the Patriots and Moss now working as a studio analyst for ESPN, which was airing New England’s matchup with the Dolphins. Shortly before the game began, Brady tossed a pass to a suit-wearing Moss, for old time’s sake. On the air afterward, Moss said that pass “kind of stung” his hands.


It’s not every day you see a team’s starting quarterback tossing passes to a TV analyst.

In case you weren’t convinced of Brady and Moss’ enduring friendship, ESPN’s Mike Reiss captured video of Brady teasing Moss for wearing sneakers, prompting the former receiver to wittily reply, “Hey Tom, come on bro.”

As it turned out, Brady could have used Moss on Monday night. At this writing (at the end of the third quarter), the Patriots trail the Dolphins 27-10. Brady is 15-26 with two picks, and no New England wide receiver has more than two catches.

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