Tom Brady Aug 26, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; Former NFL player Tom Brady on the field before the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Las Vegas Raiders at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The cat’s already out of the bag about which game former NFL great Tom Brady will call his for first as an analyst with Fox.

Brady is tabled to commentate on the Week 1 game between the Dallas Cowboys and Cleveland Browns. From there, though, it’s a bit of a mystery. Since he’s on the No. 1 crew with lead Fox play-by-play commentator Kevin Burkhardt, we know that the seven-time Super Bowl Champion will obviously call next year’s NFC Championship Game and at least one playoff game before that.

How about everything else, though? Let’s guess where Brady and Burkhardt, Erin Andrews, and co. will be throughout the 2024 season.

Week 2

Week 1’s Cleveland-Dallas game is in the coveted 4:25 p.m. Eastern spot. CBS owns the doubleheader in Week 2, so finding Brady’s second site requires looking at a smaller site. Among the games we can likely rule out here are:

* Cowboys @ Saints
* Cardinals @ Rams
* Patriots @ Seahawks

I don’t necessarily think that Brady’s return to New England as a commentator will happen right away in Week 2. I also don’t think that Brady and Burkhardt will follow the Cowboys through the first two weeks of the season. Cardinals-Rams is a 4:05 p.m. start, and given the distribution this week, it feels somewhat unlikely.

That winds it down to three games:

* Detroit @ Tampa Bay
* Indianapolis @ Green Bay
* Giants @ Commanders

The NFC East is usually a huge ratings-getter nationally, but it’s probably not likely that the Commanders and Giants, two of the NFL’s worst teams last year, find themselves with that attractive label. Even with optimism about in Washington with Jayden Daniels and a new-look Giants team, it feels unlikely. Meanwhile, Indy-Green Bay is possible, but a Brady return early to Tampa might make the most sense. It probably makes more sense than a celebrated trip back to Foxborough, Massachusetts for one.

Also, Detroit is an attractive team this year after they made it through to the NFC Championship last year. The Bucs were a playoff team last year, too, and in fact: This is a playoff rematch. So with that in mind, that’s where our guess will be.

Week 2 Guess: Detroit @ Tampa Bay

Week 3

Fox has the doubleheader in Week 3, and the 4:25 p.m. slate offers an interesting setup. The 1 p.m. games lack a little sizzle this week, at least on paper right now. But the second leg is a whopper. The San Francisco 49ers play the Los Angeles Rams down in LA, and elsewhere, the Dallas Cowboys host Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. Brady will likely call his hometown 49ers at some point this season… but even though he called the Cowboys in Week 1, this feels like something Fox won’t let slip by the wayside.

Week 3 Guess: Baltimore @ Dallas

Week 4

The top two guesses for Brady in Week 4 of his run are either Rams-Bears or, potentially, Patriots-49ers. Fox does not have the national doubleheader this week, as that belongs to CBS. Rams-Bears provides an interesting opportunity for Brady in the booth. Rookie quarterback Caleb Williams will be under center for the Bears. In case you’ve missed it, there’s a lot of hype about that! Brady calling a game for Williams is a fascinating possibility.

But so too is Brady calling his former team against the team that some even thought he might join a few years ago. Brady grew up in the Bay Area. His former team travels to the Bay… it almost feels too perfect a storm.

Week 4 Guess: New England @ San Francisco

Week 5

The Miami Dolphins play the New England Patriots in Foxborough at 1 p.m. Eastern. With a slate of games that includes Browns-Commanders, Bears-Panthers, Raiders-Broncos, and Cardinals-49ers, this is a no-brainer.

Week 5 Guess: Miami @ New England

Week 6

Week 6 sees another doubleheader for Fox. We’re in mid-October now, so figuring this out might get a little easier. If Cleveland and Philadelphia get out to hot starts, that 1 p.m. game could get the pair. But at 4:25 p.m., the Cowboys host the Lions in a rematch of their epic Saturday night game last year. I think I know where this one is going.

Week 6 Guess: Detroit @ Dallas

Week 7

A Super Bowl LVIII rematch between San Francisco and Kansas City is Fox’s lone 4:25 p.m. game on Sunday, October 20. This is even easier.

Week 7 Guess: Kansas City @ San Francisco

Week 8

The World Series will commence on Fox on Friday, October, 25. It runs through Saturday, November 2, and doesn’t air on either week’s Sunday. With that said, it could be interesting if Fox decides to send Burkhardt or Joe Davis on any other assignments away from the World Series.

Perhaps out of convenience to Los Angeles, Saints @ Chargers makes the most sense. Brady calling the Jim Harbaugh-led Chargers could be entertaining, as the two are obviously both uniquely different personality. Plus, Brady calling a game featuring Justin Herbert is an interesting possibility.

Buffalo @ Seattle also may be an intriguing game. Those two teams could be better than the Chargers and Saints at this time, and thus could beget top priority. Fox’s lack of a doubleheader this week, though, makes you wonder about where he’ll land.

Week 8 Guess: New Orleans @ Los Angeles Chargers

Week 9

A Fox doubleheader will make this week much easier than last week. Even with the possibility that Burkhardt won’t join Brady, it still feels unlikely that he won’t end up in Titletown this week. The Packers host the Lions in what could be a significant early November game.

If the Rams and Seahawks are equally impressive this season, and maybe they will be, then Brady could go to Seattle. But Lions-Packers is a matchup gaining significance over the past few years, and this year could remain the same.

Week 9 Guess: Detroit @ Green Bay

Week 10

CBS snapped up the doubleheader this week, and in a massive swing, took Philadelphia-Dallas away from Fox. While older NFL fans remember a time when this was just the way it is, this sight might be particularly jarring to a younger generation of fans.

Fox doesn’t have the most appealing slate this week, but out of logic, we’ll say he ends up in Florida.

Week 10 Guess: San Francisco @ Tampa Bay

Week 11

This week is particularly easy. Unless they fall off the wagons, it’s likely that Brady goes to the Second City to call Bears-Packers in Chicago. Other games this week include Rams-Patriots – a 2-time Super Bowl matchup, Browns-Saints, Falcons-Broncos, and Seahawks-49ers. Seattle and San Francisco have a bitter rivalry… but so do Chicago and Green Bay.

Week 11 Guess: Green Bay @ Chicago

Week 12

A few weeks after being in Green Bay, I think they’ll be right back at Lambeau three weeks later. The Packers host the San Francisco 49ers in the second leg of Fox’s doubleheader that week. That feels like a big tell, and unless the bottom drops out of either team, they’ll be two prestige franchises in a premier timeslot.

Week 12 Guess: San Francisco @ Green Bay

Week 13

Tom Brady will be in Dallas for Thanksgiving when the Cowboys play the New York Giants. This year, besides Week 7, there might not be an easier call.

Week 13 Guess: New York @ Dallas (Thanksgiving)

Week 14

Fox will have the doubleheader this week again. Falcons-Vikings is an interesting game, if only because it’s Kirk Cousins’ return to Minnesota amid a… really bizarre quarterback situation.

Caleb Williams and the Bears play the 49ers in Santa Clara in the second leg of the doubleheader. Meanwhile, Josh Allen and the Bills play the Los Angeles Rams in LA. It feels like it’s going to be one of these three.

Week 14 Guess: Chicago @ San Francisco

Week 15

As the season winds down, it might get a little harder to project the games if they’re flexed in or out. But we’ll do our best here. Fox once again owns the doubleheader this week and a Keystone State matchup is the headliner. The Steelers play the Eagles. We haven’t given Brady to any Philadelphia games so far. So, here we are.

Week 15 Guess: Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia

Week 16

Fox will have Saturday football in Week 16. The top-flight matchup between the Steelers and the Ravens is Fox’s game on December 21. With the rest of the offerings that week not matching that, it feels like an easy guess to make.

Week 16 Guess: Pittsburgh @ Baltimore

Week 17

Dallas will play Philadelphia in Philadelphia in Week 17. Since CBS took the first matchup, Fox will probably appease the masses and give it the top billing at 4:25 p.m.

Week 17 Guess: Dallas @ Philadelphia

Week 18

The all-division aspect makes this a little tougher. So, let’s just take a hack.

Week 18 Guess: Minnesota @ Detroit


So, by prediction’s end, here’s what we have:

Week 2: Detroit @ Tampa Bay
Week 3: Baltimore @ Dallas
Week 4: New England @ San Francisco
Week 5: Miami @ New England
Week 6: Detroit @ Dallas
Week 7: Kansas City @ San Francisco
Week 8: New Orleans @ Los Angeles Chargers
Week 9: Detroit @ Green Bay
Week 10: San Francisco @ Tampa Bay
Week 11: Green Bay @ Chicago
Week 12: San Francisco @ Green Bay
Week 13: New York Giants @ Dallas (Thanksgiving)
Week 14: Chicago @ San Francisco
Week 15: Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia
Week 16: Pittsburgh @ Baltimore (Saturday)
Week 17: Dallas @ Philadelphia
Week 18: Minnesota @ Detroit

Team Counter:
Dallas Cowboys (5 times)
San Francisco 49ers (5 times)
Detroit Lions (4 times)
Green Bay Packers (3 times)
Baltimore Ravens (2 times)
Pittsburgh Steelers (2 times)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2 times)
New England Patriots (2 times)

Time will tell to see if these predictions land this way, but here are our educated guesses.

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