Tom Brady speaking about his NFL on Fox broadcasting debut on The Herd with Colin Cowherd. Photo Credit: FS1

As we get closer to the start of the 2024-25 NFL season, personalities around the sports media landscape have offered their thoughts on Tom Brady’s looming debut on the lead Fox broadcasting team. And naturally, Brady himself has had plenty to say about what he expects of himself from the booth.

On an appearance Monday on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Brady shared thoughts on the standard he is holding for himself heading into the broadcasting venture, saying that his main goal is to “give the fans everything that they tuned in for”.

“There are definitely parts of me that are hyper-competitive,” said Brady. “Certainly they were as a player and as an athlete. I love that competition, I relish that competition daily. I didn’t give a shit if it was practice, if it was a game, if it was ping-pong, if we were playing trash-ketball in the locker room. I wanted to win.

“There are other parts where I feel like I have matured a little bit and I don’t have to necessarily be absolutely competitive at everything. It’s a little more selective. Certainly, as a broadcaster, I don’t think for me it is about competition. I think for me, it’s about ‘did I put everything I could into it?’ Did I give the fans everything that they tuned in for? That’s really how I’ll end up gauging myself. I’ll have to look at myself at the end of every Sunday night saying did I do a good enough job? Did I live up to the belief that Fox had in me? Did I live up to the expectations that my teammates Kevin Burkhardt and Erin (Andrews) and Tom (Rinaldi) and our entire truck? That’s ultimately how I’ll judge myself.”

Only time will tell whether Brady’s obvious knowledge of the game translates well to viewers from his new position in the Fox broadcast booth. But on the surface, Brady does at least seem to have the belief from his teammates that he will ultimately be successful in his broadcasting venture.

Both Kevin Burkhardt and Erin Andrews have spoken quite highly of Brady ahead of his NFL on Fox debut. So at the very least, Brady should have the comfort of knowing that he does have people supporting him alongside him at Fox.

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