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NFL legend Tom Brady is at it again, talking about issues the seven-time Super Bowl champion has with the younger generation of players.

Brady ranted on the “DeepCut with VicBlends” podcast this week about a variety of topics. But the NFL legend’s rant on the younger generation of players caught everyone’s attention.

Brady had choice words for what he thinks is the “biggest problem” that young players have nowadays.

“I think the biggest problem with a lot of f—ing kids these days, it’s all about them. Their brand, their social media. When it’s about ‘me’ and then not about ‘us,'” Brady said via Fox News.

The founder of the TB12 formula has had a restless retirement, with persistent rumors that he could come back to the NFL. This is despite Brady inking a mega deal with Fox Sports to become their No. 1 analyst. That decision could spurn lead color commentator Greg Olsen to bolt Fox for another network.

As some pointed out, Brady may be guilty of hypocrisy.

No stranger to being at the center of attention or making himself so, Brady once again didn’t rule out unretiring for some reason again.

“I’m always going to be in good shape, always be able to throw the ball. So, to come in for a little bit, like MJ coming back, I don’t know if they’d let me, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it,” Brady said.

So… yeah, about that deal with Fox.

As far as Brady‘s brand-related comments? The awareness rating may be depreciating now.

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