Ran Carthon Photo Credit: Fox 17 Nashville Screenshot

Ran Carthon is one of those guys.

You know the type — they’re the characters who find a TV reporter doing a shot, then get right in the background and make funny faces, hold signs, or do something else distracting.

Carthon, in his second season as the Tennessee Titans GM and now executive vice president, put on a clinic on photobombing a reporter Wednesday.

Jill Jelnick, a sports reporter and anchor with Nashville’s Fox 17, set up a shot at the Titans facility. She began listing a few of the team’s free-agent signings, unaware Carthon stood directly behind her, enthusiastically waving … and waving … and waving.

Jelnick sensed something was wrong, stopped, counted down to restart the shot, then turned to discover Carthon walking off.

“He was in the background the whole time,” someone told Jelnick.

“I knew — OK, I thought something was up,” Jelnick said.

“You should have just come right up to the camera. I’m talking about how good your secondary looks,” Jelnick called out to Carthon.

“Thank you,” Carthon said.

“You’re welcome,” Jelnick said.

Carthon is in good company in the Famous People Who Have Photobombed Reporters Department, joining the likes of former President George W. Bush, Aaron Rodgers, and Ric Flair. And since the sports world is still paying tribute to the late Bill Walton, who passed away Sunday, it’s worth noting the colorful Walton somehow once found a way to photobomb himself.

[Jill Jelnick on X]

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