Tiki Barber has been taking shots at Eli Manning for years. Now, he might get paid to do so as part of his brother Ronde’s Fox broadcast booth.

Ronde works with Kenny Albert and Kristina Pink as Fox’s No. 3 NFL crew, and according to Michael McCarthy of The Sporting News (always plugged in on all things Fox), Tiki is going to join the booth when the Giants take on Tampa Bay on October 1st:

This could get very interesting: Former Giants running back Tiki Barber, a longtime critic of Giants quarterback Eli Manning, will join his twin brother, Ronde Barber, in the broadcast booth for Fox Sports’ telecast of the Giants-Buccaneers game in Tampa, Fla., on Oct. 1, John Entz, Fox Sports’ president of production, told Sporting News on Monday.

An official announcement is expected Tuesday.

Fox believes it will be the first time twin brothers have called an NFL game telecast. Tiki will join Ronde’s regular Fox team of play-by-play announcer Kenny Albert and sideline reporter Kristina Pink. Ronde Barber, a longtime defensive back for the Bucs, has called games for Fox since 2013. Tiki Barber co-hosts “Tiki & Tierney” with partner Brandon Tierney on CBS Radio.

As McCarthy noted, Tiki Barber has famously criticized his former Giants teammate on many occasions. Like when he ripped Eli for lacking leadership during an eventual Super Bowl season for the Giants (coincidentally one year after Tiki retired in dramatic fashion). Or even just last year, when Tiki said Kirk Cousins was the best quarterback in the NFC East. Quarterbacks! Analysis! Words!

Of course, this is likely as much about stunt casting as it is anything else for Fox, who will probably attempt to hype the game, airing in the Week 4 late window (but not nationally). And hey, if Tiki works out (in theory he’ll have some natural chemistry with Ronde, but you never really know), maybe Fox brings it back throughout the year. After all, they had the budget for at least one three-man booth before Jay Cutler returned to the sidelines.

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