myles jack

Newspaper editors have hard jobs. They often log long, late hours, reading thousands of words a day, and their work gets seen and criticized by thousands of people.


Before internet, this headline would have drawn snickers from a few people in Jacksonville, who would have then been embarrassed at their own immaturity and moved on to the next thing.

But if there’s one thing people on the internet love, it’s people messing up. And if there’s another thing people on the internet love, it might be masturbation jokes. So naturally, Thursday has been full of tweets declaring this the headline of the year; comparisons to other infamous headlines (Bernie Chokes on Kokk); wonderful headlines about the headline, such as, “A Newspaper Made An Unintentionally Hilarious Masturbatory Headline About Miles Jack“; and whatever the hell this is from Uproxx.

If you’re wondering, the online version of the Times-Tribune story currently bears the headline, “Myles Jack makes most of first NFL start.”

No matter what else happened to you today, always remember October 6, 2016 as the day a newspaper headline was described as “masturbatory.”

Here’s to you, weary newspaper editor. Get a good night’s sleep tonight.

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