Things are not going well for the 0-5 New York Jets, who are now starting Joe Flacco and whose “best” loss of the season has come by nine points.

The situation took another turn this week when the team cut Le’Veon Bell, not even two years after giving him a four-year, $52.5 million contract. But strangely, in the hours after cutting Bell, the team was still paying to promote a tweet from Sunday hyping up Bell’s return to the team.

The Jets lost 30-10 to the Cardinals. Bell had 14 touches for 67 yards.

The tweet from before Sunday’s game is fine. Jets fans need to cling to whatever positive morsels of news come out of the team this season. Why not pay to promote the return of your (theoretical) best player?

But following the defeat and the release of Bell on Tuesday, the team was still paying to promote that tweet early into Wednesday morning.

While this oversight is somewhat understandable, given how quickly the situation with Bell escalated following Sunday’s whooping at the hands of the Cardinals, it’s another embarrassing moment for a team that is failing across the board right now, which includes the protracted Jamal Adams trade saga over the summer. At this point, maybe the team’s social media department shouldn’t bother promoting any more tweets regarding on-field events, and instead redirect that budget towards the draft party next spring.

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