OAN host Alison Steinberg rants about the Super Bowl psyop.

The Super Bowl is still two weeks away and while that leaves plenty of time for analysis about the X’s and O’s of the Chiefs-49ers matchup and investing way too many hours in storylines that will quickly grow old, it also means plenty of oxygen remains for insane rants and conspiracy theories about the big game. And OAN, naturally, has come out of the gates strong with the leader in the clubhouse for most insane of the insane rants for the Super Bowl.

Meet Alison Steinberg, host of In Focus on the troubled fringe cable network. Steinberg quickly jumped on what is becoming a favorite narrative of extreme political viewpoints – that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship is all part of some kind of vast left-wing conspiracy to brainwash the masses.

She reasoned that youth sports are the beginning of the brainwashing campaign and indoctrinates people into becoming sports fans and dedicating their lives to it. Then these children become sports fans, abandon Jesus, become victims of mass hypnosis, which inevitably leads to the crumbling of society.

‘Then they become obsessed with some grown man who gets paid millions of dollars every year to throw a ball around while promoting poison death shots and child slave labor through various brand deals and endorsements,” Steinberg proclaimed.

Whoa now. Let’s get our facts straight here, because this is wildly inaccurate and offensive. Travis Kelce catches the ball, he doesn’t throw the ball. A little dignity and truth-telling, OAN, please.

In case you were wondering. And how could you not at this point! This selection is only a small piece about a much wider rant about Taylor Swift being either a CIA asset or a clever marketing ploy by the left-wing to boost Joe Biden. And Swift JUST SO HAPPENS to be dating Kelce, who JUST SO HAPPENS to be a spokesperson for Pfizer, who JUST SO HAPPENS to be sponsoring the Super Bowl. Really makes you think, doesn’t it….

Just you wait. When the CIA intervenes at the end of the third quarter and finally activates the vaccine microchips leading to the RAND corporation, in conjunction with the saucer people, under the supervision of the reverse vampires bringing about the New World Order, who will be laughing then. We’re through the looking glass here, people.