Dan Orlovsky and Stephen A. Smith Credit: ESPN

Both Dan Orlovsky and Ryan Clark have taken to being ESPN’s go-to analysts who break down the film on the telestrator. Orlovsky, a former quarterback, handles the offense, while Clark, a former safety, handles the defense

So with that, Orlovsky would need to be paying close attention to the game he’s breaking down on air, right? He claims to watch every snap of every game, every single week. This is the same guy who reportedly was a candidate for two prominent offensive coaching roles with the Carolina Panthers and Indianapolis Colts, though he chose to remain in Bristol.

But Stephen A. Smith seems not to take Orlovsky at his word. While he seemingly believed that Orlovsky watches every snap, he doesn’t actually believe he watches every snap. As we know, Smith isn’t exactly notorious for following along with every game, but we should probably take Orlovsky, who has shamelessly admitted some embarrassing things, at his word, right?

Not Stephen A.

“You know I watch every snap, right?” Orlovsky asked Smith amidst a discussion about Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields.

“I know you do,” replied Smith. “I understand you do, but I also know you’re lying because while you’re watching every snap, you’re watching multiple games. You’re only a human being. You know how many TVs I got; well, actually you don’t know, but when I invite you over to the crib, you’re gonna see how many TVs I got. You can’t watch every single play. You got two eyes, not seven. You see what I’m saying? I understand what you are saying, but you’re not being literal about it because you can’t possibly watch every snap of every game unless you go home and watch it on tape.”

Orlovsky wasn’t having it. He told Smith that he wasn’t going to let him lie about him, insisting that he watches every snap, every week.

Kimberly A. Martin and Molly Qerim wanted to get back on track, but that wasn’t happening as Smith asked Orlovsky how many children he had.

“Four kids and a wife and you watching every single snap of every game?” asked Smith.

Orlovsky took exception to Smith questioning him again.

“Really? Please…Stop it! Stop it! This isn’t possible,” said Smith. “It’s impossible. And you’re cheap two! You only probably got one or two TVs.”

That was a little below the belt, Stephen A.!

It’s quite funny to see Smith question that, when a few minutes later he had no idea who the Bears’ offensive coordinator was. Maybe Orlovsky isn’t watching every snap simultaneously, but he sure seems to do his homework.

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