Good news: You can now sponsor the NFL on Snapchat, attaching your brand to America’s most popular sports league and one of its biggest social media platforms.

Bad news: That’ll cost you about $7 million, according to AdAge.

As part of a new partnership between Snapchat and the NFL, the league will post video from every regular season game to the social media platform, which will sell video advertisements alongside the content, in addition to themed filters, per Ad Age.

Snapchat is now seeking advertisers to sponsor the partnership. The photo-sharing platform is able to charge a pretty penny for advertisements because of its unique hold on coveted younger demographics. Rarely can advertisers target teenagers as directly as they can through Snapchat.

Via Ad Age:

If this were a year ago and Snapchat were asking for these high prices, the company would have been “laughed out the building,” said one agency executive, who is working with a brand to negotiate a NFL sponsorship deal.

However, Snapchat proved it can work with the NFL — it hosted stories from the league last year — and Super Bowl marketing took off on the platform last season.

“It’s attractive and they have a good track record of doing things for the Super Bowl, where results were meaningful enough that brands felt good about it,” the agency exec said.

Meanwhile, the NFL is shrewdly positioning itself to capitalize on modern social media audiences. Between this partnerships with Snapchat and the league’s agreement to stream games on Twitter, the NFL has gone all-in on unconventional relationships with social media platforms.

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