A March 17 Undisputed argument between Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe over Baker Mayfield.

Not so breaking news, Skip Bayless yelled Thursday morning on Undisputed. But then Shannon Sharpe yelled back. And Bayless screamed again in a back and forth that reached new levels of intensity, even for them.

The show turned during a debate about Baker Mayfield, with Bayless still believing in the quarterback’s talent while Sharpe seems ready to declare him a bust. But the argument went off the rails when Sharpe challenged his TV partner’s integrity and blamed Skip’s love for Mayfield on the quarterback being a University of Oklahoma product.

“The thing that you got and everybody can see it, he’s from Oklahoma,” Sharpe told Bayless.

“Who’s everybody?” Bayless asked “Who says that, I wanna know who says that? Who says that? ANSWER MY QUESTION.”

Bayless attempted to cite Sam Bradford to exemplify an Oklahoma quarterback he didn’t like, but Sharpe cut him off. “I’m not talking about Sam Bradford,” Sharpe yelled back.

“TIMEOUT, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! NO!” Bayless screamed, slamming his hand down on the desk demanding the opportunity to defend his integrity. “I’m not gonna let you get away with this one. You’re not gonna accuse me of that without me responding to that because THAT INFURIATES ME.”

Bayless was born and raised an OU fan, previously admitting “expect no objectivity from me,” regarding the Sooners. But when Sharpe attempted to uncover his biases Thursday morning, Bayless just screamed louder and louder.

The idea that Bayless never held a grudge or couldn’t ignore his fandom to objectively assess a sports take is ludicrous. Just look to his unwavering support of Tim Tebow and his notoriously harsh criticism of LeBron James as examples. In the eyes of Bayless, Tebow can do no wrong and James can do no right. Just don’t tell Skip we’re aware of his sports biases.

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