Skip Bayless discussing Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones Photo credit: FS1

Dak Prescott is taking criticisms of the Dallas Cowboys culture personally. But according to Skip Bayless, Jerry Jones is to blame.

With early playoff exits becoming the norm for Prescott and the Cowboys, some have started to question whether the organization has a culture and leadership problem. Speaking at a charity event Monday night, Prescott said, “The culture is great from my standpoint…If there’s questions of that or concerns on that, I feel attacked.”

Wednesday morning on FS1’s Undisputed, Skip Bayless and Keyshawn Johnson responded to Prescott’s defense. And during the segment, Bayless placed blame on Jerry Jones, believing the Cowboys owner has been too much of a “daddy” to players, rather than holding them accountable.

“We have no fear factor if retribution if we do stink it up [in the regular season] …and repeatedly in postseason games, it has allowed my team to come out flat,” Bayless ranted. “There’s no Jimmy Johnson. There’s no Bill Parcells. They would not stand for any of that because heads would roll.”

“That’s how Jimmy did business. Mike McCarthy does not do business that way,” Bayless continued. “Jerry Jones at the very top, is way too close to too many players as ‘Daddy Jerry.’ And so, the point is, that it’s too easy to be a Dallas Cowboy because you don’t fear for your job, you don’t fear going in on Monday, you don’t fear the film session, you don’t fear anything the way you used to fear Bill Parcells.”

In 2016, Jones weirdly labeled Prescott “the daddy” when the quarterback runs with the ball. The “Jerryism” confused many people, including Prescott, who probably wouldn’t be calling the Cowboys owner “Daddy Jerry.”

Earlier this year, Bayless similarly claimed Jones has created a work environment that eliminates “urgency” or a “fear factor” from the locker room, although he stopped short of calling the Cowboys owner their “daddy.” Jones playing nice with the players might not be the direct cause for the Cowboys playoff failures, but his hands on approach continues to be a problem.


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