Skip Bayless

Surely, Skip Bayless has made you cringe at some point during his long sports media career, but the Fox Sports host may have taken it to a new level Sunday night with his bizarre social media video.

After the Philadelphia Eagles continued their undefeated start to the 2022 NFL season by beating the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, Bayless posted his immediate reaction to the game on Twitter. The noted Cowboys fan, who has previously claimed he’s not a Cowboys fan, appeared battered, beaten and broken as he reacted to the loss in Philadelphia.

Bayless starts the video with nearly 10 seconds of uncomfortable sound effects and facial expressions, almost as if he was gearing up to create his version of an ASMR video. And then amazingly, the video gets more cringeworthy as Bayless begins to speak.

“We had ‘em. Sooo many chances. Sooo many penalties,” Bayless said in a voice that it made hard to decipher whether the Fox Sports host was continuing down the ASMR path or launching into a really bad impression of Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker. “We’ll definitely get ‘em next time.”

If you were unaware of this video before clicking on this article, I apologize. But Bayless showing off the elasticity of his face has now supplanted Jeff Passan singing Nickelback in the key of Elmo as the most uncomfortable sports media video of 2022.

[Skip Bayless]

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