The Mississippi Department of Human Services on Monday sued retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre along with several other people and businesses to try to recover millions of misspent welfare dollars that were intended to help some of the poorest people in the U.S. Xxx 0807 Clemson Practice 28 Jpg S Bbc Usa Sc

Two more media companies have suspended their relationships with Brett Favre in the aftermath of reporting about text messages sent by Favre attempting to route millions of dollars earmarked for needy families to sports facilities.

Per Front Office Sports, both SiriusXM and The 33rd Team have put their relationships with Favre no ice. SiriusXM put Favre’s weekly show “on hold,” while The 33rd Team “paused Favre’s deal with the company.

On Friday, Favre’s weekly radio appearances on ESPN Milwaukee were “paused” by station owner Good Karma Brands.

Ultimately, this is the correct move. It wouldn’t look great for Favre or the media outlets employing him if he’s sitting there talking about football with a possible indictment hanging over his head. And if Favre ends up not getting charged, the outlets can end up bringing him back (if he’s willing to return).

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