Shannon Sharpe blasted Chiefs receiver Kadarius Toney for his offsides penalty, nullifying a game-winning touchdown. Photo Credit: Nightcap on Twitter/X Shannon Sharpe criticizes Chiefs receiver Kadarius Toney. Photo Credit: Nightcap on Twitter/X

If you’re of the mindset that the Kansas City Chiefs were robbed by the officials in Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills, don’t expect Shannon Sharpe to lend a sympathetic ear.

On Sunday night’s Nightcap show with Sharpe and Chad Johnson, Sharpe voiced his feelings that the Chiefs were robbed on Sunday. But the person who robbed the Chiefs was not the official who penalized Kadarius Toney for being offsides on the apparent go-ahead touchdown, when Travis Kelce caught a pass from Patrick Mahomes, then lateraled the ball to Toney who went in for a touchdown.

Mahomes was clearly frustrated, even complaining about the call to Bills quarterback Josh Allen. But to Sharpe, the person who robbed the Chiefs — as well as football fans — of the tremendous play was Toney himself.

“It’s like when someone steals a car, and instead of getting mad at the person that stole the car, we blame the police for chasing them,” Sharpe said, with Johnson laughing. Sharpe then pointed out that Johnson “didn’t blame Kadarius Toney at first.”

“I know,” Johnson said. “I was saying just because — I don’t want to leave the game in the official’s hands.”

“He did that,” Sharpe replied. “Let me ask you a question. If he’s not lined up offsides, how is the game in the official’s hands? He put the game in the official’s hands by his alignment.

“He robbed us of the play of the year. He robbed us of that, Ocho. He took that away from us. Imagine Travis Kelce’s highlight tape when he goes into the Hall of Fame. That’s No. 1. He had a game-winning catch in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. The overtime catches, he’s had some tremendous catches, The ones against the Chargers in overtime — game-winning catches, he goes 40-50 yards for a touchdown. That would have been the play of Travis Kelce’s career. And he robbed us of that.”

[Photo and Video Credit: Nightcap on Twitter/X]

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