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When it comes to the NFL Draft, Twitter’s biggest pet peeve is the tweeting of picks. Everyone has rightly bought into the spectacle and the event that the NFL turned the draft into over the last decade. Because of that, people love the drama of wanting to know who’s selected. If you scroll Twitter and see someone tweet the pick, the suspense evaporates. And often, even if it’s the reporter’s job to report, it irritates fans a lot. Unfortunately for Shams Charania, The Athletic reporter became That Guy on Thursday night.

Charania tweeted out who the Carolina Panthers would select in the 2023 NFL Draft with the No. 1 overall pick. While everyone and their mother probably knows what it is anyway, decorum is at play here! It seems that much of NFL Twitter has gone dark. Not many have chirped a lot about the picks, just rumors beforehand. So the fact that Charania tweeted it out didn’t go over too well with users humming through the website.

The responses ranged from “SHUT UP AND DRIBBLE SHAMS” to “You ruined the draft for me and my family; you need to be arrested.”

Shams Charania felt the wrath of Twitter, and it’s still going. His tweet is quote-tweeted into oblivion, with the replies list swelling.

Those are the rules of the road, though. By now, everybody knows the game.

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