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After previously labeling Jay Glazer a mentor as he attempted to jumpstart his media career, Ryan Leaf now claims the Fox NFL reporter is a fraud.

In addition to breaking NFL news, Glazer has been open about his lifelong battles with anxiety and depression, creating content around mental health through his book and podcast. Sunday morning, Michael Phelps opened up during an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, telling host Kristen Welker about his mental health challenges. While discussing his bouts of depression in the emotional interview, Phelps credited Glazer for being his “mental health buddy.

After seeing Awful Announcing post a clip of Phelps talking about Glazer on Meet the Press, Leaf ripped the Fox NFL reporter and his mental health initiatives.

“Glazer is a fraud when it comes to anything mental health or wellness related,” Leaf wrote in a social media post. “He uses it for his benefit and really isn’t invested in any of it unless it benefits him and his brand. Phelps is an inspiration but it gives me pause that he muddies his mind with that con man.”

That’s a serious accusation for Leaf to make, especially without offering any proof or examples as to why Glazer is a “fraud” and “con man” for his mental health initiatives.

Leaf has been open about his own battles with mental illness and depression after addiction eventually led him to spend 32 months in prison. Ironically, one of the people Leaf previously credited for helping his media career after enduring 32 months in prison was Glazer. Leaf gave an emotional interview to Fox and Glazer in 2016. The former quarterback also spoke highly of Glazer when he landed a job at SiriusXM in 2018 and again in 2019 when he joined ESPN as a college football analyst.

Something appears to have changed in recent years, prompting Leaf to claim the person he once considered a mentor is now a “fraud” and “con man” when it comes to mental health. Leaf hasn’t publicly shared what changed in their relationship, but it appears as though Michael Phelps disagrees with his scathing assessment of Glazer.

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