NFL commissioner Roger Goodell at the 2021 NFL draft. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s current contract expires next April, but it looks like he’s set to continue in that role. Goodell himself and several owners spoke about that contract likely to be extended at the NFL owners’ meetings Tuesday:

Goodell’s contract extensions have not always been a certainty, with Jones cited as a factor in holding up some past ones and even pushing for a replacement. And Jones was the only one of the 32 NFL owners who voted against having the compensation committee negotiate an extension with Goodell (seen at top during the 2021 NFL Draft) last fall, although he did change his mind in March and say he was in favor of Goodell getting a new deal there:

So it’s particularly notable to hear Jones say that this extension news is coming soon. And the comments from Irsay and Goodell make it seem like this is going to get done, especially when added to other recent reports. It’s just a question of how quickly.

As per how much Goodell could get paid, that tends to vary slightly year by year. But he pulled in $128 million across 2019-20 and 2020-21, with his role in negotiating the league’s new media deals cited as a key factor there. And it certainly seems like he’ll be making a lot of money to keep serving as commissioner going forward.

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