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Robert Griffin III went viral on X (formerly Twitter) this Halloween when he described a home in his neighborhood where the residents were selling candy to the local children rather than dishing it out with the usual spooky spirit.

In an appearance on SI Media with Jimmy Traina, Griffin detailed his Halloween surprise.

Griffin was at home in Houston, his family in full get-up as the Addams Family. After nearly two hours near the end of the night, Griffin’s children walked up to an unsuspecting home that he ultimately discovered was inhabited by greedy salespeople.

“The kids come back and our 6-year-old says, ‘daddy they’re not giving out candy over there,'” Griffin explained. “‘They said we have to give them four dollars for the candy.'”

Griffin was shocked before a family friend confirmed.

“We just decided to keep it moving, but the whole way back to this house, I’m writing up the tweet,” he added. “In all my years, I’ve never seen anything quite like that.”

As for why he avoided confrontation, Griffin explained the situation a little more plainly.

“You’re supposed to give the candy to the kids,” Griffin joked. “We definitely didn’t buy any of that. I wasn’t going to turn something that was supposed to be kid-friendly into a confrontation.”

Griffin was also dressed as Uncle Fester. The former NFL star was worried about approaching the home at his size, dressed in a wild costume.

“There’s a way to handle that, and in this situation it was just telling the story on social media,” Griffin said.

Fair enough. But that still leaves one too many money-hungry residents of Houston in line to take money from unsuspecting trick-or-treaters next year.

[SI Media with Jimmy Traina]

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