Day 2 of the 2019 NFL Draft featured former team stars announcing picks for their respective franchises. That meant obvious all-time greats like Jim Brown, franchise legends like Ed “Too Tall” Jones, and also Trent Dilfer, announcing Tampa Bay’s second-round choice despite never posting a passer rating higher than 82.2 as a Buccaneer.

It also meant the Colts, in possession of multiple picks tonight, had their choices announced by former six-time Pro Bowl and three-time All Pro receiver Reggie Wayne. There was a bit of a wrinkle, though, as the 2019 Draft is being held in Nashville, home of the Colts AFC South rival, the Tennessee Titans. That meant Reggie heard some booing when he first hit the stage. Fortunately, he came prepared, with the numbers to back it up:

“I know you’re not booing! Come on, Tennessee. Y’all done played the Colts twenty times in ten years and you done won three games. Stop it.”

Reggie is correct! The Titans are indeed 3-17 against the Colts over their last twenty games. (In fact, the Colts also won the second meeting the year prior, meaning the Titans are actually 3-18 in their last 21 against Indianapolis.) More guest pick announcers should come with retorts ready.

When Wayne returned later to announce the 49th pick, he wasn’t quite done:

“We straight? We good? Alright. Cause I got clips! I got heat! Alright we straight.”

Overall, a very solid performance from Reggie, given the circumstances. Next year’s draft will be in Las Vegas, so we probably won’t get a rival antagonizing the home crowd. (Unless Raiders fans really get serious about making the trip.) Which is too bad, really because it actually livened up the proceedings for a bit.

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