Andrew Siciliano and Scott Hanson both had emotional sign-offs in Week 18, with the later speaking highly of the former in his.

Sunday marked the final day of the NFL regular season and with it, the final day of both the NFL Sunday Ticket Red Zone, hosted by Andrew Siciliano and the NFL RedZone channel, hosted by Scott Hanson. But this wasn’t just the end of the season. It was also the end of an era.

With the NFL’s new deal with YouTube TV, the NFL RedZone channel will be the only one offered for the 2023 season. Siciliano’s NFL Sunday Ticket Red Zone — used by DirecTV subscribers — will be no more. And while Siciliano stopped just short of mentioning that in his farewell on Sunday, it was clearly not a normal sign-off for him.

“Thank you for watching the RedZone Channel today,” he said. “Season 18. Week 18. Episode 308. For all of us, and I truly do mean, all of us, here in Los Angeles, at DirectTV and NFL Sunday Ticket, we thank you for watching Episode 308. We thank you for watching another week of the one, the only and the original Red Zone Channel. My name is Andrew Siciliano. We’ll see you some other day.”

Awful Announcing’s Ken Fang also captured Hanson’s sign-off, in which he saluted Siciliano and the rest of the NFL Sunday Ticket Red Zone crew before going into the rest of his farewell for the season.

“I would just like to start with a salute of professional respect to DirecTV, my colleague and friend, Andrew Siciliano and the good and great professionals over at the Red Zone channel on DirecTV. Salute of professional respect to each and every one of you.”

The Red Zone concept has been one of the most influential things to reach the NFL — and certainly NFL broadcasting — in a long time. Siciliano and the rest of the crew are worthy of that kind of salute for not only pioneering that idea but making it work so well.

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