Scott Hanson on NFL RedZone. Credit: NFL

NFL RedZone routinely promises “seven hours of commercial-free football” to viewers every Sunday. Along with those seven hours came an unexpected surprise this week. During the broadcast, alarms at NFL RedZone studios in Inglewood, California, went off, prompting an evacuation. ‘

The evacuation took place while RedZone was on the air, in the thick of coverage of the Buffalo Bills-Philadelphia Eagles game.

RedZone host Scott Hanson informed viewers of the disruption while the alarm blared in the background of the broadcast.

Hanson had noted this was a first in his broadcasting career, and you don’t often see this kind of chaoticness on TV. RedZone viewers had a lot to say about what happened. There was a lot of laughter at hand.

A common theme emerged, as NFL fans praised Hanson for “soldiering” on amid the chaotic situation.

Some others had fun at the situation’s expense, joking around about it and such.

Veteran sportscaster Mike Hill was a fan of the situation. “Live TV baby!” he exclaimed.

To Hanson and everyone’s credit? This was pretty good television. They maintained everything on the broadcast and allowed for everything to be cool. Fortunately, this also happened in the very late stages of the 4:25 p.m. slate. The only active game during this incident was the Eagles-Bills games. The other games had all come close to or wrapped up by then.

Imagine if this happened during the Witching Hour?

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