Raheem Mostert on the Rich Eisen Show. Screengrab via YouTube.

Rich Eisen has been running the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine for nearly two decades, first as a gag for television, then for charity. Eisen dons his trademark suit and tie to run the annual 40-yard dash for ‘Run Rich Run,’ as he raises awareness and supports St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

His personal best was a time of 5.94 seconds in 2016.

Eisen isn’t going to beat the Miami Dolphins in a race anytime soon, but it’s for a good cause. The Dolphins are the fastest team in the NFL and according to NFL’s Next Gen Stats, the type five fastest ball carriers of the 2023 season are all in Miami—Raheem Mostert, Tyreek Hill and Devon Achane.

The 31-year-old Mostert who followed coach Mike McDaniel over from San Francisco, made an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show on Tuesday. Mostert, who’s rushed for 240 yards on 41 carries with six touchdowns in three games this season, claimed he’d beat Hill in a 40-yard dash. A bold claim at that, but he also made another bold claim about Eisen and his speed.

As Mostert was signing off from Tuesday’s show, he paid Eisen a high compliment. 

“Your speed, your form, is just lights out,” Mostert told Eisen. “I love it when you do the 40-yard dash. I look forward to those moments.”

Eisen told the rest of the Eisen Show members to be quiet and asked that they not chime in, while he listened to Mostert sing his praises.

“Excuse me, I have got a track and field star from back in the day and a 31-year-old who said that he’s faster than Tyreek Hill saying, ‘What about my form?” said Eisen.

Eisen asked Mostert to repeat himself, just so he could hear it again.

“You got some form, Rich. You got some good form. We can tweak it a little bit, to make you a little bit faster. We can tweak it a little bit. But, all in all, it’s good.”

Eisen told Mostert that he was all ears because he’s “disappointed so many fast, famous people.

“The arm swing is up there,” Mostert said of Eisen’s form. “The knee drive is perfect. You got a good knee drive. Arm swing, we can work on it, but it’s more so about picking up and putting up. That’s what you gotta work on the most.”

Eisen suggested that he should stop broadcasting, but then jokingly said that Mostert was likely just coming off the fumes of scoring 70 points.

That was Hour 2 of the show, in Hour 3 he summarized his conversation with Mostert.

“I can definitely tell you that him talking about beating Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle in a 40-yard dash is something that would cause people to maybe talk about or the way that he said that even he stopped trash-talking the Broncos at some point, might be something that people will talk about or pull out of interviews. You know interviews get aggregated in this world by news media sources, but the main headline to take out of Raheem Mostert is he complimented me on my 40-yard dash form and he’s a track and field star.”

“Who’s gonna pick that up? Is Dov Kleiman gonna pick that one up in Israel or what?”

Mostert’s appreciation of Eisen’s running form may not have been picked up by all the NFL aggregator accounts on Twitter, but we see you Rich. We see you.

[The Rich Eisen Show]

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