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On Monday night, Fox News aired a news alert about President Trump’s withdrawal of the Philadelphia Eagles’ White House invitation that featured a pretty glaring misrepresentation. As the anchor read a statement from Trump explaining that he had canceled the team’s trip for reasons relating to national anthem protests, the screen flashed photos of Eagles players kneeling in the end zone. Except that the players in the photos were not actually demonstrating during the national anthem. They were praying, long before the game.

Here’s the clip:

Video of the segment began to circulate Monday morning, and soon outrage swelled. Eagles players Zach Ertz and Chris Long were among the first Tuesday morning to call out the misrepresentation.

Numerous media members quickly jumped on Fox News as well, calling the segment “dishonest” and “deliberately misleading.”

In a statement issued to USA Today, Fox News apologized for its error and clarified that the footage it aired of players praying was “unrelated” to the story on-screen.

Fox’s controversial segment aired hours after Trump announced he was cancelling the Eagles’ trip to the White House because the team planned to send a small delegation (reportedly five of fewer players). In a statement, Trump said the Eagles’ lack of enthusiasm about their White House visit owed to a disagreement over whether players should stand for the national anthem, but multiple of those players said that had nothing to do with it — noting that no Eagles had actually knelt during the anthem last season.

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