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The Philadelphia Eagles will make history later this year when they host the first NFL game ever in South America to open the 2024 regular season.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced the news Monday.

The game will be held Friday, Sept. 6 at Corinthians Arena in São Paulo, Brazil. It will also mark the first time an NFL team has opened its season on a Friday night in more than 50 years.

“This landmark first international game in South America demonstrates the ongoing expansion of our global footprint,” Goodell told reporters in Las Vegas. “Playing on Friday night of Week 1 is a unique way to highlight our international growth and ambitions.”

“The Eagles organization is honored to have been selected to play in the first-ever National Football League game in South America,” Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie said in a statement. “With the global growth of our sport being a top priority to our league, we embrace the opportunity to grow our fanbase around the world and bring Eagles football to the 38 million sports fans in Brazil.”

The game is part of the NFL International Series, which has seen the NFL play in Europe and Mexico in recent seasons.

An OnLocation link was also provided by Eagles. That offers fans travel packages to the game. Philadelphia fans have always traveled well, but will they fly almost 5,000 miles to see their team play?

The Eagles statement also offered a translation.

“Vamos Eagles!” (“Let’s go Eagles!”)

[Philadelphia Eagles; Photo Credit: Philadelphia Eagles]

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