Credit: Tim McManus

Following the Philadelphia Eagles’ 35-31 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, their fourth loss in five games, Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown opted against talking to the media.

“There’s nothing to say,” Brown said when asked about the team’s struggles. He continued to pack his things as reporters attempted to get a bit more of out him.

Brown was then asked if he would talk later this week, to which he said he didn’t know. He grabbed his bag and went to leave, but turned back and clarified to the media that, “it ain’t directed towards y’all,” which seems to indicate Brown’s frustrations about the team’s efforts and a desire to leave instead of saying something he would go on to regret.

To be fair, Brown didn’t meet with the media all week. After Philadelphia’s narrow 33-25 Christmas Day win over the New York Giants, he said, “I was taught if I had nothing good to say to not say anything. I’ll take the fine if I have to.”

Whatever is bugging Brown hasn’t affected his production much, as he is currently third in the NFL with 1.447 receiving yards, just shy of his career-high 1.496 set last season. He has seven touchdowns to last year’s 11 but is still tied with DeVonta Smith for the team lead.

[Tim McManus, Ed Kracz]