Boomer Esiason on the Manningcast

In a feature discussing the ManningCast on Fast Company, Peyton and Eli Manning talked about their alternative broadcast, its future, and alternate broadcasts for other sports.

When asked about adding more ManningCasts to the NFL season, both brothers were firm on sticking to ten games per season.

“One thing I think comes through is just how much Eli and I enjoy this,” says Peyton. “We laugh a lot. If you maybe go to 17 games, maybe we’re not laughing as much, and it starts to get repetitive. ESPN has certainly mentioned going up to 12 games or more, and Eli and I held strong. We just feel the show is better if we keep it to the 10.”

Eli believes that the breaks from the show actually make it stronger. “I don’t want to see him every week and get his voice memos of breaking down (game) film,” Eli laughs. “There’s something to people wanting more, and if we’re on too much, they might not want more. It keeps me motivated.”

This fits in with what Manning said a couple months ago, also citing the freshness factor of the broadcast’s guests.

I’m not a ManningCast person, but yeah, it would probably lose something if it was on the airwaves every week.

I do think that, in the future, it would make sense for the ManningCast to have some flex dates. Instead of announcing the full schedule in September, as ESPN did this year, maybe announce five or six of the games in advance, and leave the rest up to how the schedule shakes out.

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