Netflix 'Quarterback' docuseries

While we’re still missing an official announcement from Netflix, the streamer’s Quarterback docuseries is getting a second season.

The news comes from Peyton Manning, an executive producer on the series through his Omaha Productions.

Manning mentioned the renewal last Monday on The Pat McAfee Show, as mentioned by the Sports Business Journal.

“Season two has been greenlit by Netflix,” Manning said. “We’re excited. We’re hoping [for] more quarterbacks. It’s easier to say yes. I don’t want to hear it’s going to be a distraction, because that’s not true. Patrick Mahomes proved that, right? Kirk Cousins proved that. Marcus, the way he handled that, he proved that, right?”

Quarterback premiered last Wednesday, July 12th, and the eight-episode series has been a fixture at the top of Netflix’s top ten since its debut. SBJ called the debut “the quickest start of any Netflix sports doc series,” which is notable given the success of Drive to Survive over the years. The series, which was co-produced by NFL Films, followed three NFL quarterbacks during the 2022 season – Mahomes, Cousins, and Marcus Mariota.

The positive reception to the series seemingly made a renewal from Netflix a mere formality. Now, we wait for word of an official renewal for Quarterback and which NFL QBs could be featured in the second season. Given the frosty reception the New York Jets are giving HBO’s Hard Knocks, I think we can safely assume Aaron Rodgers won’t be involved.

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