Skip Bayless in 2017. Skip Bayless on Undisputed in 2017.

While a recent cut of Skip Bayless’ hot takes showcased how hot and cold he can be on the subject of Aaron Rodgers, there is no denying that Bayless loves him some Tom Brady. Bayless breathlessly defends the New England Patriots quarterback with the same kind of fervent zeal he usually only reserves for bashing LeBron James.

He takes Touchdown Tom’s record over just about any other quarterback. He also says Brady is more clutch than Michael Jordan ever was. He even defended Brady during Deflategate, saying the NFL was framing him.

But because he’s Skip Bayless, his opinions and hot takes are more about him than the people he’s talking about. Earlier this year, Bayless dropped a curious take about Brady’s future with the Patriots.

People were confused as to why Skip was even going down this road, but in retrospect, it should have been obvious. Skip was trying to create an issue out of thin air that he could then latch on to in the years to come as Brady’s career winds down. That then brings us to Wednesday’s “apropos of nothing” tweet.

Obviously, this is a dumb statement worthy of your scorn. That’s easy. But what’s important is to take note of what Bayless is trying to do. He’s trying to create a made-up issue so that he can be the champion of said issue when it invariably gets talked about because he keeps bringing it up. It’s a textbook way to “embrace debate” in the way Skip learned at ESPN and has “honed” at FS1.

Brady is coming off of a fifth Super Bowl victory and all signs point to the Patriots contending for another one this season. Whatever Skip is trying to convince you that he sees, you don’t have to see it. Because like so many things he talks about, it’s not really there. He just wants you to think it is.

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