The New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons 25-0 on Thursday night. It was a pretty miserable evening for the Falcons, whose three different quarterbacks all threw interceptions. Meanwhile, Mac Jones looked solid and the Patriots’ defense absolutely clamped down on Atlanta.

Pats linebacker Kyle Van Noy led the attack with eight tackles and two sacks on the night. His reward was to make an appearance on the NFL Network postgame show to talk about the dominating performance.

During that discussion, which was filmed live in front of a gaggle of remaining fans in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, one of those fans, presumably a Falcons supporter, decided to chime in with some colorful language.

It’s a little unclear exactly what the disappointed Falcons fan was saying, but you can certainly make out a “motherf***er” and an “***hole” in there.

As the studio crew tried to regain some composure, it was Van Noy who had the perfect comeback, saying “I’d be mad too. You go from a 28-3 loss to tonight.”

As far as what he’s referencing by bringing up 28-3, well, you don’t need to remind Falcons fans about that.

Kudos to Van Noy for his composure and quick thinking during the live broadcast. And it just goes to show you that there really isn’t any situation that the Falcons can get one up on the Patriots these days.

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