Patrick Mahomes on CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper

Patrick Mahomes broke the hearts of Philadelphia Eagles fans in Sunday’s Super Bowl LVII, but at least he’s thoughtful enough to apologize.

Monday evening, Mahomes joined CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper live from Disneyland. Tapper, a Philly native and vocal supporter of their local teams, was able to push his sports allegiances aside while drying any residual tears from the night before to interview the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

“While it may not have been the outcome that fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, such as – oh I don’t know – me, had wanted,” Tapper admitted. “The Kansas City Chiefs are the undisputed NFL champions, pulling off a remarkable and impressive comeback to take down the Birds 38-35,” Tapper said as he prepared to have his face rubbed in Philly’s loss with Mahomes joining the show.

“Sorry I made you have a little bit of a rough night,” Mahomes politely told Tapper.

The loss was especially hard for Tapper to accept because at halftime, it looked like the Eagles were destined to win their second Super Bowl in six years. The Eagles held a 10-point lead over Kansas City, and Mahomes appeared to aggravate his ankle injury shortly before the break. But Mahomes managed to overcome the injury and the deficit to earn MVP honors, leading the Chiefs to their second Super Bowl in four years, breaking Tapper’s heart along the way.

Tapper closed the segment by congratulating Mahomes and noting the two would see each other in June at a charity fundraiser for a Kansas City children’s hospital.

“I appreciate it,” Mahomes said before he extended another invite to Tapper. “You can come to the parade Wednesday, too, if you want to. I know Paul’s trying to get out there,” the quarterback continued, referring to Chiefs superfan Paul Rudd.

“It’s OK,” Tapper said, seemingly disgusted at the thought of surrounding himself with upwards of one million Chiefs fans at Wednesday’s Super Bowl LVII parade. “I’ll let Paul represent me. It’s OK. I appreciate it, but thank you so much. Enjoy Disneyland.”


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